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Book Kit Policy

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  • Person County teachers may borrow a Book Kit from Person County Public Library with teacher ID and library card. Card holders must be in good standing to check out a book kit.
  • Requests for kits must be made through a library staff member in person or by phone by calling the library. You can reserve a title, but remember kits are first come first serve.

  • The bag will be checked out on the library card of the person picking up the bag. That person is completely responsible for the bag and all of its contents.

  • The kit checks out for 3 weeks and cannot be renewed. No more than 2 kits can be borrowed at one time by a Person County teacher.

  • Overdue charges for book kits will be $1.00 per day with a maximum fine of $5.00. If the kit has reached this cap and is not returned, the borrower will be billed the replacement cost of $150.

  • All kit contents must be returned at the same time to Person County Public Library. Please do not have students return their own books to the library.

  • Please check the contents before returning the kit. The replacement cost of an entire kit is $150. Replacement costs for individual parts will depend on the cost of each particular item.

Book Kits FAQ

Q: One of my students forgot to return their book. Who is responsible?

A: The person who checks out the Book Kit is completely responsible for the return of the bag and all of its contents.

Q: I can't remember what was in my bag when I got it. How do I know what to check for before returning it?

A: Each Book Kit has 20 copies of the title. Check the kit before returning it to the library. If copies are missing from the kit when returned, the kit will not be checked in, and may accrue fines until all missing parts are returned.

Q: Can my students return their own books to the library?

A: No, the Book Kit must be returned with all the copies of the book at the same time.

Q: What if a book is lost?

A: If your class loses a book, you will be charged the replacement cost for the book.

Q: May I place a hold on a Book Kit from the online catalog?

A: No, the Kit must be reserved through a library staff member either in person or over the phone.

Q: What if my class has more than 20 students?

A: Check the Person County Public Library catalog to request more copies of a title as needed.

Q: Can my book club suggest titles for the program?

A: The Person County Public Library welcomes suggestions to better serve its community. Contact the library and let us know your ideas.

Approved by the Library Advisory Board 10/2016.