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Support Your Local Library

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The Library needs you...

Volunteers are important partners in The Person County Public Library’s mission to provide everyone in our community with knowledge and information that supports lifelong learning. We welcome individuals who are at least 13 years old to explore the many volunteer opportunities at the Library. The primary roles of Library Volunteers are shelving, straightening the shelves, and occasionally assisting with programs.

Become a Friends of the Person County Public Library Inc.

 The purpose of the Friends of the Person County Public Library shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in books and public Libraries; to focus attention on and to stimulate public interest in Library services, facilities, and needs; to stimulate gifts of books, magazines, endowments, and bequests; and to encourage increased usage of the Library facilities and services.

Word of mouth

If you have enjoyed a program, resources, or courteous service please tell a friend or family member. The best thing about our community is the people. In Person County "everything is better in person..." So please encourage someone you know to utilize their local library to the fullest. We look forward to seeing you and a friend at your local library. Thank you!