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Auto Renewal FAQs

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Starting in July 2019, most library materials will be automatically renewed. 

What is auto-renewal?

With auto-renewal, most borrowed items will be renewed automatically two days prior to the due date. Borrowed items will be auto-renewed up to two times.

Auto-renewals are intended to provide peace of mind and makes it easier for library patrons to avoid late fees. 

What are exceptions to auto-renewal?

An item won’t be renewed if
• Another patron has requested it
• The item has reached its maximum number of renewals (up to 2 times)
• Your account is blocked due to an expired registration or outstanding fines of any amount

Auto-renewal does not apply to digital items, such as ebooks or audiobooks, or to interlibrary loan items.

When items are not able to be auto-renewed, what happens?

Patrons will continue to receive overdue notices by email or mail if overdue items are not returned. 

Items 30 days overdue will be billed for the replacement cost, and patrons will be unable to check out or renew items until resolved. Patrons will still be held financially responsible for lost and damaged items.

When the item is automatically renewed, will I lose two days of my checkout? 

No, the new date due will be calculated three weeks from the original date due. You won’t lose two days of check-out time when items are automatically renewed.

Can I try to renew my ineligible items after an unsuccessful attempt?

Yes. The system will automatically attempt to renew your borrowed item two days before the due date. If unsuccessful, you may try again any time before you return the item.

Can I renew my items early?

Yes, you may manually renew items prior to two days before the due date by logging into your online account or calling the Circulation Desk at (336) 597-7881 ext. 0.

Can I opt out of the auto-renewal feature?

No. If you do not wish to keep the item for longer, you are welcome to return items at any time.