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Important Information

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Registration Deadlines
Registration application forms must be either postmarked or received by the Board of Elections no later than 25 days before the election in which you wish to vote.

Registration Requirements
To vote in Person County, you must be:
• A U.S. Citizen
• A Resident of North Carolina and this county for 30 days before the election
• At least 18 years of age on or before the next general election
• Not registered and not voting in any other county or state
• If convicted of a felony, your rights of citizenship have been restored
• If you move out of your precinct, but remain within Person County, you should notify the board office in writing of your new address.
• Applicants who are 17 but who will be 18 on or before the next general or regular municipal election will be processed no earlier than 60 days prior to any partisan or non-partisan primary election. One must be 17 1/2 to vote in a partisan primary election. 17 1/2 year olds may not vote in school board elections.

Mail Forms to:
Mail completed voter registration applications to: Person County Board of Elections, 331 South Morgan Street, Roxboro, NC 27573

Changing Party Affiliation - deadline is 25 days before the election.
If you wish to change your party affiliation, you must complete either a Voter Registration Application Form or complete the reverse side of a Voter Verification Card that has been mailed to you, and return it to the Board of Elections. All changes must be either postmarked or received in the Board of Elections office at least 25 days before the election.

Verification Process
After a voter application/update has been processed, a voter verification card will be mailed to the voter indicating their correct precinct and polling place location.

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