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Picture of a Tree and a FencePerson County has a strong tradition of friends, family, and community.  Education is emphasized at all levels, and the community is active and involved in all aspects.  We take pride in helping each other - come and experience a way of life that you thought no longer existed.

Community - in Roxboro and Person County, it is more than just a word. With active participation from all sectors of the community, including businesses, city and county government, churches, civic organizations and individual Personians, we come together in good times to celebrate and in difficult times to help. Like much of rural America, Person County is experiencing change at many levels, and we are working together to make this transition positive and successful.

Both Roxboro and Person County have undertaken in-depth strategic analysis and planning, to ensure that we build on our strengths, recognize and work to correct our weaknesses, and utilize our resources to effectively grow our economy. A key element in successful change is education, including training and re-training. We are fortunate to have located here Piedmont Community College, which works with both employers and employees, to ensure that training and skills meet the demands of both today's jobs and tomorrow's.

This is a community that takes pride in its history while doing everything it can to ensure a successful future. We invite you and your business to join us in this project.