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Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Committees

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It is the duty of the Person County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to appoint qualified, knowledgeable, and dedicated people to serve on the various authorities, boards, commissions, and committees to assist in the operation of county government.  See below for the full listing of Person County Government Boards and Committees.


The Board of Commissioners solicits the interest and opinion of the citizens of Person County in making these appointments.



Person County Government Boards and Committees

Appointed by the Person County Commissioners

 1  ABC Board
 2  Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee
 3  Airport Commission
 4  Animal Control Advisory Committee
 5  Board of Adjustment
 6  Board of Elections (political party elected)
 7  Board of Equalization and Review
 8  Board of Health
 9  COG Board
 10  Community Development Block Grant Citizens Advisory Committee
 11  Economic Development Commission
 12  Environmental Issues Advisory Committee
 13  Extension Advisory Council (commissioner rep only)
 14  Fire Committee (commissioner rep only
 15  High Speed Internet Committee
 16  Home and Community Care Block Grant for Older Adults Planning Committee
 17  Home Health and Hospice Advisory Committee
 18  Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority
 19  Jury Commission
 20  Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
 21 Kerr Tar RPO Transportation Advisory Committee (commissioner rep only)
 22 Kerr Tar RPO Technical Coordinating Committee
 23  Library Board
 24  Local Emergency Planning Committee
 25  Nursing Home Advisory Committee
 26  Orange-Person-Chatham Mental Health Board
 27  Person Area Transportation System Board
 28  Person-Caswell Lake Authority
 29  Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees
 30  Planning Board
 31  Recreation Advisory Board
 32  Region K Aging Advisory Council
 33  Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce (commissioner rep only)
 34  Social Services Board
 35  Tourism Development Authority Board
 36  Voluntary Agricultural District Board
 37  Work Force Development Board
 38  Youth Council

The policies and procedures governing appointments by the BOC to the various organizations follow:


A)        Qualification:  Any resident of Person County is eligible to serve where state statute and other applicable ordinances or conflicts of interest do not prohibit such appointment.  In cases where a non-resident is appointed, such person shall service as an ex-officio non-voting member, unless the Board grants voting authority.  The BOC will make appointments within guidelines of applicable state statute, ordinance, resolution, or policy that created said organization;


B)        Appointments:  The BOC will make all appointments according to the applicable statute, ordinance, resolution or policy that created the organization from timely submitted, completed applications.  No citizen of Person County may serve in more than two appointed positions of Person County Government unless exempted by nature of the position they may hold in governmental service.  The policy will not apply to Person County Commissioners;


C)        Term Limits:  Unless otherwise provided by North Carolina law, the BOC sets no term or length of service, but encourages citizens to apply when vacancies occur.  At the expiration of a member’s term if they want to continue serving, they must thoroughly complete another application form.


D)        Absenteeism:  If not addressed in the bylaws of an organization and a member in any 12-month period has unexcused absences that are more than 25 percent of the meetings they are required to attend pursuant to their appointment, they are obligated to resign.  Absences caused by events beyond one’s control are considered excused absences.  Absenteeism violations must be reported to the BOC.  If the individual refuses to resign, action of the BOC may dismiss them unless law prohibits dismissal by the BOC.  A twelve-month period beginning on the date of appointment will constitute a year.


Vacancies for the various authorities, boards, commissions, and committees will be published in The Courier Times.  The County Manager’s Office will set a deadline for receipt of applications in the published ad. 


At the expiration of a member’s term if they want to continue serving, they must thoroughly complete another application form for consideration of re-appointment.


Eligibility will be verified for each application to ensure applicant meets specific requirements established by statute, ordinance, or regulation.

In the case of appointments to the Boards, Commissions, and Committees hereinafter referred to as “Person County Boards, Commissions and Committees” (see Attachment 1) subject to interview process, applicants may be asked to appear before the Board of Commissioners to make a statement concerning the reason why he/she desires to serve on the board or commission including but not limited to, the contributions the applicants could make to the particular board or commission or if the applicant is seeking a reappointment what contributions have been made in the past.  The applicant may be questioned by the members of the Board of Commissioners.

Attachment 1


Person County Government

Boards, Commissions, and Committees


Subject to Interview Process and Appointed by the Person County Commissioners

 ABC Board
 Airport Commission
 Board of Adjustment
 Board of Health
 Economic Development Commission
 Orange-Person-Chatham Mental Health Board
 Person-Caswell Lake Authority
 Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees
 Planning Board
 Recreation Advisory Board
 Social Services Board
 Tourism Development Authority Board

Once the Board approves an appointment, a letter of notification will be mailed to the appointee with a copy to the appropriate department/agency head with a request that the appointee be notified of the date, time, and place of the next meeting. 


The foregoing shall have no effect on appointments of sitting county commissioners to Boards, Commissions, and Committees.  The appointment of sitting Commissioners to such Boards, Commissions, and Committees shall be made by the Chair in an official meeting.


Application forms are available upon request from the County Manager’s Office located at 304 S. Morgan Street, Room 212, Roxboro and on the county website as a download form. 



Revised March 19, 2014