Using PATS/Passenger Policy




Click here for the passenger handbook in a document format. Below is an abbreviated version.

Person Area Transportation System (PATS) is a shared use public transportation service that operate as a branch of the Person County Government. PATS provides transportation for many human services agencies, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the general public to anywhere in Person County for a fee.

PATS provides shared use demand, subscription, contract, deviated fixed and out of county medical appointment transportation services.


Passengers must pay the driver the EXACT fare amount, as drivers do not carry change. Passengers must pay for their ride at the time of service, NO EXCEPTIONS! Passengers must pay for their ride with cash, check or prepaid tickets. Make checks payable to Person Area Transportation System or PATS.

Scheduling a Ride

All requests for transportation must be made by 11am the business day before the scheduled appointment. Please refer the Holiday Schedule for deadlines around observed holidays. Exceptions to this rule will be handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Director.

Please provide the following information to the staff member:

-Name (First & Last), Phone Number, Date of travel(s), Appointment times(s) & pick-up times, exact address of origin and destination, notice of personal care attendant or companion and if you have a need for additional assistance


No Show Policy

Drivers will wait a maximum of five (5) minutes for a response and if there is not response they will leave and continue their route. If you no show, you will be required to pay the full price of the fare for the respective zone. Payment for the no show must occur before your next ride.

No Show Definition:

  • A passenger who fails to show up for their scheduled transit reservation
  • A passenger who fails to be ready to board the vehicle within the 5 minute wait time
  • A passenger who fails to cancel their scheduled transit reservation within 1 hour of the pick-up time
  • If the driver shows up at your door and you cancel at the door and do not ride


Passengers are expected to call at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled pick-up time to cancel their ride. Failure to do so will result in a no-show fee. Cancellations may be left on our voicemail as the date and time of the call is recorded.

Passenger Responsibilities

  • Pay for your ride at the time of service
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Passengers under the age of 8 year old AND who weigh less than 80 pounds must be in an approved child restraint seat provided by the adult passenger
  • Passenger 16 years or older may ride alone
  • Passengers 18 year and older may supervise a child(ren) riding the vehicle


  • Physical conduct is not permitted.
  • Use of or possession of illegal drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on any PATS vehicles. PATS has the authority to deny service to any person thought to be under the influence.
  • Weapons are not permitted
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • Eating and open drinking containers are not permitted. Closed drinking containers are permitted.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

  • Wheelchairs may not exceed 30 inches wide and 48 inches in length. The weight must not exceed 800 pounds when occupied.

Inclement Weather

PATS normally follows the Person County Government during times of inclement weather. The Director may suspend operations even if the County Government opens. If operations are suspended, our voicemail will be updated to reflect the closing, the local radio station and social media will be updated. If operations is suspended mid-day, all passengers will be given the option to be picked up, otherwise it will be their responsibility to find their own ride home.

Lost & Found

Items will be turned into the Dispatcher and held for 30 days. After 30 days they will be discarded.

Passenger Comment/Complaint Procedure

To provide positive or negative feedback please contact our office at 336-597-1771, email our Director at or when calling press 0 when you hear the message.

Reasonable Modification Requests

Please refer the Title VI/ADA section for more information.

Appeal Process

If you have been suspended or revoke from transportation services, you may appeal the decision in writing with supportive documentation to the Director.