Passenger Policy


Effective June 1, 2001 / revised November 1, 2016

Transporting With a Purpose

For your safety, comfort and enjoyment, we ask that each of our passengers sign, date and observe the following policy when using Person Area Transportation System (PATS)

1. Appointments must be called in no later than 11:00am the working day before the scheduled appointments. Cancellations must be called into the PATS office 2 hours prior to pick-up time in order not to be charged full price for a No-Show. When you are a no show in the morning the rest of your trip will automatically be cancelled for the rest of that day. If you are a no show in the afternoon you are still responsible for the full price of that no show and also the morning price converts to full price too. Grant money will not pay for a one way trip. Pick up time is 1 hour before scheduled appointment time.

2. Please be ready at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment time. Once the vehicle has arrived, wait time is no more than 5 minutes for passengers to board. When the vehicle leaves, it will not be allowed to come back.

3. PATS drivers will assist passengers on and off the PATS vehicles safely. The PATS vehicle has to be in driver’s sight at all times. The drivers are not to enter homes, business, etc. for customers.

4. PATS drivers are not permitted to stop en-route unless confirmed by PATS office before time. Passengers are expected to be responsible for their own personal items (belongings) when getting on, during the ride and getting off the PATS vehicles. If things are left they will be disposed of. Passengers are only allowed to carry items on the PATS vehicle which can fit on their laps and / or between their feet. (If you take up other seats, additional fees may apply).

5. When paying PATS fares:
If you are paying with cash please have the correct fare, drivers can’t give change.
If you are paying by check, please make check payable to:
Person Area Transportation System or PATS.

*Please have fare ready when boarding the PATS vehicles.
You cannot ride if you do not pay before / when boarding.

6. All passengers are required:

a. To use seatbelts while riding in a PATS vehicle (wearing seatbelts is the law in North Carolina). They must remain hooked until vehicle comes to a complete stop.

b. Children under the age of 8 years old or weighing less than 80 pounds must be properly secured in an approved child restraint seat provided by the adult passenger.

c. Passengers in wheelchairs or other mobility devices must be secured with 4-point tie downs (two front, two rear), and with the lap belt and shoulder harness provided as part of the securement system on the PATS vehicles (a mobility assessment application may be required).

7. Please limit conversation with the drivers, this is a big distraction and is not safe. Conversations between passengers should be held in a normal tone so as not to disrupt other passengers and distract the driver. The use of profanity is prohibited.

8. Physical contact with the driver or other passengers is not permitted. Passengers are asked to refrain from public displays of affection while on board the PATS vehicle. Passengers are asked to stay seated and seat belts remain hooked until the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Passengers are asked not to rest their feet on or in the seats, and to keep their hands and arms inside their seating area. Please keep aisles clear. Destruction of PATS property will result in legal action.

9. The use of or possession of drug and / or alcohol is not permitted on the PATS vehicles. PATS drivers have the authority to deny service to any person thought to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

10. Carrying a concealed weapon is not permitted on the PATS vehicles. PATS drivers have the authority to deny service to any persons carrying a weapon (knife, gun, etc.)

11. Smoking, eating, and / or drinking are not permitted on the PATS vehicles. The use of cellphones should not be used unless it’s an emergency; they are very distracting to the other passengers and the driver.

12. We go to Durham/Chapel Hill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for medical appointments only. We leave the lot at 6:00am and return to the lot by 1:00pm. Your appointment should be made early in order to be finished by 12:00pm (That's the latest we will be staying in Durham/Chapel Hill).

These policies are in effect in order to protect the passengers and the employees of Person Area Transportation System (PATS). All passengers have the right to a safe and efficient ride on our transportation system. Failure to observe these policies could result in temporary or permanent suspension of PATS privileges. PATS will report all illegal actions to the proper authorities.


Sign: _____________________________________ Date: ________________________

(If not same as above; person responsible for payments and appointments)

Sign _________________________________________ Date: ________________________

*We will keep this original on file in the PATS office and give you a copy to keep for your records.