Art Reception: Karin Neuvirth - The World in Full Color

  • Date: 03/08/2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Visual artist, Karin Neuvirth is best known for her textural acrylic paintings of wooded
landscapes which she refers to as treescapes. Her current style of painting involves
many layers of paint which she applies with a palette knife utilizing the technique of
using broken color to create a sense of movement within her work. Color is the most
prominent element in her work. In order to form a more thorough understanding of color,
she chooses to mix all of the colors that she uses from only the primary colors and
white. Karin grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota where the winters were always
difficult for her. The cold grey days took a toll on her mood, but as she developed her
style of painting, she found that the vibrant colors helped her to combat the melancholy
that the weather caused her. Color has always been the focus of Karin’s work, but when
she moved to Durham, North Carolina in 2011, she began to work with a palette knife
and developed her current style of textural acrylic paintings.

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